Coma: Nine Dreams

1. sour fluid eats at breast(1) --acidic tannins

2. damoiselle--black & blue

3. where child now sun--a treacherous yellow--python-galled(2)

4. of sea-self mirrored in chrysalis

5. a boudoir(3)--garden of beds

6. one small nerve meter--ticking

7. books--hand-sewn--have narrowed this spine

8. fingertips--puzzle of skin--secrets inlaid

9. with something inexplicable(4) --spectre-eyed


1. crests of pink star fruit: sand dollar disks

2. just the birds are silent with surprise--Blixa Bargeld on Total
Eclipse of the Sun

3. calmly laid: as in her ermine & German croon

4. briefly fills skin with the scent of freedom