I want to f
old you
i am the see you
dropping from outerspace
like a stone


I am that so don't
and another th
trade plac


on the day after Valentine's
Day, the New York Times
announced that a smaller
version of the solar system
had been discovered

Every elevator doubles doors as a Deathtrap

S tells T that the elevator full of OSHA Inspectors
is a heft of leprosy whose lapels swagger
into Rancho Cucamonga
and instead of a house they find a
cesspool and inside that, the green
Maison de Dumbwaiter.

retrace the retakes dis

posse proud

read prognost


The picket fence line crossed the line
in the sand in order to form the upper
right hand corner of a parallelogram.

my sentences are bleeding

wrap them
syllabic flight
How to Make a Pinhole Camera (using Materials found at the Bottom of the Ocean)

Space de-
forms the slap
sound creates
omniscience when mother breaks
a bottle of vermouth across
Henry’s vapor face. Nose, foot, breast, penis—nothing

fits on this one-
sided retina. Look
at what you’ve done, woman
and man
struggle over what is:
ought to be. Big Sur’s shattered caps

white caps collapse counter-
clockwise hawk vortices don’t ever leave
me loops across the blown sky is an unmodulated
stretch of glass. Liz

doesn’t want to live. Henry mono-
polizes the B line
out of the eye toward my mother
and I—two forms who stagger
the empty plane’s depth
by overlapping sand. Which is

the reason I dig a radon hole
so far into the grape pulp pupil that not
only is my body turned
side out in the blood salts
glinting nickel, gland soft mollusk flesh,
bowels like kelp— but changes every time
you touch coordinates will never sway
the way I motion across
the waters of fix-
ation know immediately I’m there.



there are inflected see-through

and in the margins


carry velour